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Tutorial: Creating Your Own 300.000+ Views Banner Machine

Christmas is coming close, so i am going to share: In this tutorial i will show you how to create your very own banner machine, which will bring you 50.000, 100.000 or even 500.000 banner views (and a lot of clicks) per month!

My case study:
I get more then 360.000 banner views per month. Distributed on Good Banner Networks for absolutely free! I generate about 500 Views on my Traffic Exchange Sites per Hour. That’s 12.000 per day. About 360.000 per Month. Makes 360.000 Credits at BoB (i am a Club Member, if you a free member its half). From every 1000th of my banners i get an Click Through. From every 6th of these i get a Signup! That’s 60 Signups per month. Each of these signups generates an average income of about 5 USD. That’s 300 USD / month. Simple math!

Here’s How it works. Let’s create your own Banner Machine:

Step 1:
Register at VitalViralPro. That’s an essential, since you can use their “ViralBar” to be added to ALL of your Traffic Exchange Targets. Every time someone is viewing one of your pages, a banner is also shown on the Top Header of your page!

=> Free Registration at VitalViralPro (VVP)

Step 2:
Register at Bucket of Banners. That’s an essential as well, since you need your Banners spread over a whole Network of Sites. Their method is simple: You show one (banner) of them, they show one (banner) of you!

=> Free Registration at Bucket of Banners (BoB)

Okay, you registered at VVP and BoB. You are ready for my special setup! Here we go!

Step 3:
Grab your Banner Code from BoB.

  1. Log into Bucket of Banners (BoB)
  2. Click “Get Impressions” and Choose “Banner Exchange Code”
  3. Click on “On Other Sites 468 x 60”

Step 4:
Insert your Banner Code from BoB in VVP.

That’s a bit complicated at first. But i am sure, you will get it. First we will setup a banner which will earn you Credits on BoB every time it is viewed. And it will be viewed many times!

  1. Setup a Banner by Choosing “My Links” and selecting “Banners”
  2. Click on “Add New…”
  3. Name it “BoB Earner” and copy paste the values from BoB (see Step 3)
  4. “Save Banner”

Step 5:
Integrate your “BoB Earner” in all your URLs on VVP. Thats easy.

  1. Choose “My Links” and select “URLs”
  2. Create a new URL or modify an existing URL
  3. Under “Free Traffic Setting” activate the Checkbox “Show Viral Bar”
  4. As “Banner” choose “BoB Earner”
  5. Proceed as above with all your URLs.

Step 6:
Setup your Banners on VVP. You can optionally generate a Banner Rotator, so more then one banner is show. Setting up of Banners on VVP is shown above in Step 4. Setting up a Banner Rotator on VVP is easy as well – just choose a Banner Rotator from “My Links”->”Rotators”->”Banner Rotators” and drag all banners you like in your Rotator in.

Prepare your Banner or Banner Rotator URL(s) and proceed to the next step.

Step 7:
Setup your Banners on BoB. Simply done by clicking “Manage Ads” on BoB. Here you can add up to 5 Banners as free member, up to 30 as BoB Club member. Use for EACH and EVERY Banner the link(s) and image(s) you got in step 6.

You are ready. Now EVERY view on one of your Traffic Exchange pages will generate a Credit for a Banner at BoB. You can “Auto Assign” these Credits at BoB among all your Banners and get a 5 or 6 figure impressions and clicks on them!

OPTIONAL STEPS. Helps to speed you up EVERYTHING with your Banner Machine!

I have to admit: I am using Co-Op Sites as well to get 500 Views/Hour. Coop Sites give you visitors on your pages from different Traffic Exchanges. The best one i have found is Viral TE Co-Op:

=> Free Registration at Viral TE Co-Op (VTC)

With VTC it’s very easy to get a high amount of visits per hour. To feed VTC i use any Traffic Exchange Sites with a very fast page view timer (2 Seconds). So i can click very fast and generate 1000 Views or more in no time. A very good site which also earns you money and allows fast clicks (upgraded) is AntSurf:

=> Free Registration at Ant Surf

Well, that VTC and AntSurf stuff is optional. I use it to generate A LOT of views. Since selling on Free Traffic Sources requires an immense amount of views!

Before i finish this How To, one more advice: If you want to learn how to use a Traffic Exchange to it’s very most effect, check out my free Guide on that:

=> Free Guide On Earning With Traffic Exchanges

If you have any questions: Simply message me by replying to this E-Mail. Enjoy the power of your Banner Machine!

To your success!

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  1. Waiting to see the results, but overall, I think the article is great!

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