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IntelliRotator: More Signups For Your Traffic

Wow, i just discovered the perfect
Link Rotator service. It’s a smart one!

You know the problem: You are promoting a link and someone see’s it, but he’s not signing up. So you are wasting precious views for nothing.

More Signups for Your Traffic

This Rotator service is completely different: IntelliRotator is clever.

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The Rotator senses how many times a visitor saw you page yet. If it hits the cap, the page is no longer show, but the next promotion is!

This way you are not wasting credits for which are were working hard!

Automatic Country Detection

IntelliRotator even can more: It can sense the country someone is in! Thats very special, since services
which offers country sensitive rotators charge usually A LOT for that.

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How to use this? Well. Easy. For example you are looking for Traffic Monsoon Referrals. But
only for people from the US, UK and other country were the money to invest on these sites is available!

You also promote Free Services like Traffic Exchanges, which are very  popular in other countries.

No Problem with IntelliRotator:

  • Traffic für Commission Sites go for T1-Countries
  • All other Traffic go for TE Promotions!

=> Join IntelliRotator Today

I am putting all my links right now with IntelliRotator. Guess it will be the absolute Booom when done! :-)

And: If you have any questions, feel free to message me! You can reply to this Blog post or drop me an E-Mail :-)

To your Success,

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