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Introduction: TE Command Post

Are you a TE Professional? Well, if you don’t use TE Command Post, you are clearly not!

What is TE Command Post? Well, its nifty. It’s a special Website which allows you to control ALL of your Traffic Exchange Sites from just one Site. You want to know how many Credits for Website Views you got on all of your sites? Hard, when you have 5 or more TE Sites. Easy with TE Command Post. Check out this Screenshot:

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 21.51.04

And when done looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 21.51.44

It will also give me an overview of my total credits:

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 21.52.37

Same works for:

  • TE Banners
  • TE Text Links
  • TE Commissions
  • TE Alerts
  • TE Command Surf

Alerts are very cool. Whenever one of my Sites/Banners runs low, i get an E-Mail from TE Command Post which informs me to reassign Credits. That way i will keep the flow of my Funnel (i will talk in a later Post about this on) running steady.

Commands Surfs are perfect. They give you a bonus (up to 200%!) on six TE Sites. Four of the Sites are from the TE Command Post guys, two sites are rotated every week. With 200% a FREE Account on most of the TE’s is good!

Edit: I added a Page where you can find the Commando Surf of the day!

TE Command Post comes for a price. I am a proud Owner of the Platinum OTO (It’s really a ONE TIME OFFER), so i can put in endless TE Sites. Well, i am actually growing me TE Sites daily by about 10. They are all used for my Funnel, so it’s a perfect investment for me.

Check it out:


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