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IntelliRotator – Rotate Your Links Smarter

IntelliRotator: New Way For Link Rotation

Yesterday i stumbled over “IntelliRotator” and i was convinced at once. I have been using different rotation services yet:

All-in-One-Profit: Really good, Nice Graphics but No Country Redirections. But they 100% Commission Model is perfect: It’s self paying after you get the FIRST referral!

Track Me: One of the best, but they are charging 50 USD/Month for the Business Account which is required for Country Redirections!

Track Me made me, in technical and rotating terms, quite happy. But they Country targeting was still far from perfect. For example: Trackme only supported a maximum of four different target countries per URL. So i look on.

IntelliRotator: Country Target & Impression Tracking

From most of the TE Sites, Traffic is far from being Unique. So when someone surf there the whole day you get him many times into your rotator. And even more after a couple of days. Do you think he will signup your promotion when he saw it the 50th time? Not really, usually 70% of all signups are done within the first 10 views. Here is where IntelliRotator hits in!

IntelliRotator: View based Scoring

The Rule is easy: On IntelliRotator you can specify how many time a person should see an individuell Rotation Link. 10 Times. After this he will not see that promotion any more. The result: You save valuable Impressions for other promotions where he might actually sign up! I never found a rotation service which could exactly do that. IntelliRotator does!

Other Highlights of IntelliRotator:

  • Overpromote Limit Counter (per IP)
  • Priority Class (by value)
  • Priority Class (by drag and drop)
  • Country related URL Filter (no limits on countries!)
  • Affiliate Integration: Weebly Adbar, Cash Adbar, IntelliRotator Frame

Now the bad news (at least for you): IntelliRotator is limited to a certain amount of users. Once the number is hit, you cannot join the program. I was one of the first, getting a huge advantage: instead of 30 USD/Month i paid just about 90 USD for one whole year of service!

My advice: Join IntelliRotator FAST. You can enroll for free, still for advanced features you need to upgrade (like everywhere).

Here’s my referral banner. Feel free to ask me any question after enrolling:

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