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Get More SignUps and More Commissions – my Secret Methods

Affiliate Covert Commissions

It was frustrating: No matter how hard i tried, i was able to get maybe 1-3 Signups per day. My list grew slowly. Very slowly. I tried a lot of methods:

  • Optimised Landing Pages
  • Bonus Systems (especially Commission Gorilla, which worked actually good!)

Finally. I found two systems which are working like a true charm:

Method 1: The Funnel Kit

That Funnel Kit works like an absolute charm! The Landing Pages they offer are very easy to create and it has a big special: It can track the geolocation of your visitors. Using the Geolocation you can put the map or the name of the city in where the visitor is from! Sounds stupid? Well. Call that: Signup Rate x 30! I made in the first days about 30 times more Signups on simple Traffic Exchanges, now about 10 times more. Getting 20-30 Signups per day is still perfect!

Here’s a sample of one of my pages which covert very good: Sample For Funnel Kit

You can check out the Funnel Kit here: Funnel Kit Introduction

It costs money, of course. But that cash you will have in a day or two back in. All the rest is pure profit. When you signup for the Funnel Kit, one advice: Grab their special offer with Templates. Pays out very good! As usual: There is no risk. You get a 30 day money back guarantee.


Method 2: PressPlay

That’s a real big gun. I will tell you ahead: PressPlay May seem “expensive” to you! But when used in the right way, the PressPlay is a true weapon for getting Signups! What is PressPlay? Well. It will create a Landing Page for you. It will add a subscription form. It will add a video. But have a look what i created in just 5 (!) minutes:

Sample of PressPlay Page

If you are not afraid of investments: Check out PressPlay

It’s like the Funnel Kit one of the best buys i did in the last months! It’s kind of auto converter for getting Signups very fast! They also offer you, of course, a full money back guarantee!

One especially powerful trick to get a HUGE amount of Signups: Instead of using a List Mailer, use specially services like:

  • Simple Text Adz (you can reach 1.300.000 people with all the SoloAd packages they offer there!)
  • Solo Ad Warehouse (i got over 4.500 unique clicks for one campaign, see screenshot below)
  • Total Ad Explosion (still doing experiments on that one, but converting seems VERY good!)

SoloAd Proof

>4500 Unique Clicks from Solo Ad Warehouse!

Another method which pays out fine (see proofs below) is using a Sales Funnel. I am using my Funnel Kit and PressPlay for getting Signups to two funnels:

Whats next? Right now i am working on PressPlay very much. The results are already fascinating. Ah, i almost forgot the proofs. We always like to see that something is successful, right?


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 05.33.03
 couple of days with Hardcore Funnel System (above my Clickbank earnings)

Affiliate Covert Commissions
Sales from two weeks after joining Covert Commissions.


Well, it can be your success as well. Go for The Funnel Kit and/or PressPlay and rock the Traffic

To your success,

PS: 80% of my Traffic is from SIMPLE Traffic Exchanges. Like these: TE Commando Surf. Thats all. If you prefer Traffic Exchanges as you Traffic Source, this site is a MUST READ before you start: TEProfits.

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