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Review: Hardcore Funnel – Clickbank-based Cash Funnel

Today i found something new: The Hardcore Funnel. It’s been promoted since a while over the net, especially on HYIP Sites like Traffic Monsoon and TE-based Sites. It promises to be a 100% FREE Funnel System. Actually, it is. Just check out this review to stay FREE on it.

Hardcore Funnel
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Hardcore Funnel: How it works

The procedure is usual: The Hardcore Funnel is based on a series of different landing pages which are actually connected by a base system name It’s connecting to a series of landing pages from members which are connected by a centralised AutoResponder-E-Mail-System (it’s inclusive for free).

On the Command Post you can check statistics about your Hardcore Funnel: How many Visits it received, how many of those came from Autopilot (that means AutoResponder-based). I made the first lead about one hour after signing up. Looks like this:

Hardcore Funnel Stats

Joining the Hardcore Funnel

During joining the Hardcore Funnel you will encounter two services (Clickbank-based) which charge money. First service is “CashBlurps”, the second is “5FigureDay”. I will review these later in this post. The signup process at Hardcore Funnel takes about 30 minutes in total.

CashBlurps: Social Media Viral Ad Sharing

Basically, the idea behind CashBlurps is great: You post someone’s Blurp on your social media page (Facebook or Twitter), someone post yours. You can do that every 20 minutes as registered user. I registered (and paid) 7 USD for 15 days. But i guess after that trial i will cancel it again. Reason: My first three Blurps were posted a bit strange:

  • My first Blurp went into a closed Facebook Group with 3 Members !
  • My second Blurp went into a Twitter tweet. When i check, my Blurp wasn’t in that Tweet at all!
  • My third Blurp went into a Facebook (Fake) Account. A guy with no pictures, no real friends and actually… There was no sign of my post!

When Hardcore Funnel asks you about your CashBlurp Membership: Just say no. It seems its not paying back at all. Anyway, i am just at the beginning of my trial period.

5FigureDay: High Glossy Landing Pages

That 5FigureDay is real expensive: They charge about 100 USD/Month. But by joining the Hardcore Funnel you will get a trial for just 1 USD. Take that one! 5FigureDay is clearly worth a try. When it shows to create income (all income is Clickbank products, btw), i will keep that one up. Otherwise i will drop it down. I keep you informed what happens on 5FigureDay.

Click to Join, but normal Entrance is by HARDCORE FUNNEL)

To be successful at Hardcore Funnel you need two things:

  1. Create a good Visitor Stream to your Hardcore Funnel Landing Page and hope on many people signing up.
  2. Do nothing and wait till the Autopilot brings you Leads. I don’t suggest you doing this. Its a slow death. But after all: Hardcore Funnel is completely free, so this is also an option!

My Advice: Join Hardcore Funnel and Get Visits on it

Use real good Co-Ops to drive High-Quality traffic on Hardcore Funnel (and 5FigureDay). Or, if you can afford to buy traffic, do so. I am buying about 50.000 USA Visitors each month, so lets see how many will convert in the next 30 days. Here is my personal list of sites creating High Quality Traffic:

IntelliRotator – a Must. I want only people from Countries on Hardcore Funnel who are able to buy the upgrades (CashBlurps and 5FigureDay) to provide me a passive income. IntelliRotator is perfect for this use, since it offers Filters for Unlimited Countries and a Anti-Overpromote-Feature.

ViralTeCoop – It’s a perfect Co-Op. If you are able to drive about 2000 Visits to it, you get 2000 Visits from many TE’s back and actually earn more money then you spend. I took the OTO Offer and get that service for 11.60 USD/month. I earn about 14 USD/month with it. Real traffic for absolutely free!

TE Command Post – It’s Luxury. But i have lots of TE’s for creating traffic and lots of Referrals, who are earning me that traffic (and commissions). With TE Command Post (Platinum Special for 17.95 USD/Month) i will always know whats going on my TE’s. But, it’s Luxury. Free edition is available, tho.

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  1. I was thinking about doing this how was your income looking after:

    “I am buying about 50.000 USA Visitors each month, so lets see how many will convert in the next 30 days.”

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