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Tutorial: Get More Credits With PSC (100% Free)

I found another way to optimise the gain of credits: It’s called Power Surf Central. And again: It’s completely free, of course. You can download this Tutorial as PDF:

=> Download Tutorial as PDF

Get More Traffic With Traffic Exchanges

Power Surf Central is a special sites which counts your daily page surfs on the following Traffic Exchanges:

When you surf 200 Pages on each of these sites, a special bonus is unlocked on PSC. The bonus works as following:

  1. You get 10% Bonus Credits for Surfing
  2. You get a Daily Additional Bonus at 100/100/100 and 200/200/200
  3. You get a Weekly Additional Bonus
  4. You get a Monthly Additional Bonus

How much that bonus is? Well, i get about 1500 FREE Credits on each of the Traffic Exchanges above by using Power Surf Central. Thats a value of about 30 USD in Credits, Banner & Text Impressions. Pretty powerful, isnt it?


How To Surf Many Sites At Once

How to surf different Traffic Exchange Sites at Once? Easy. Just use Traffic Browser. Thats completely for free and you can surf 15 Traffic Exchanges at once! I generate about 3000 Credits with this per hour!


How To Control Your Commissions

If you rule more Traffic Exchange Sites, it really makes sense to have a look at TE Commando Post as well. It’s (again) completely for free and allows you to keep track of all your Traffic Exchange Sites. You will see how much credits, commissions, and so on you have on each and every site. Cash Out is just one click away with TE Commando Post.


Earn Up To 20 USD/Hour With Traffic Exchanges

Finally: If you are getting serious about earning with Traffic Exchanges, you should really spend 5 minutes reading this tutorial. I did so and it keeps the promise: You will earn up to 20 USD / Hour just for Surfing. And i will show you many methods how your Surfing becomes even more powerful!

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