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Faster Clicks on Traffic Exchanges

Getting Faster Clicks on Traffic Exchanges

Which Browser are you using to to Clicks on Traffic Exchange Sites?

  • Safari?
  • Firefox?
  • Chrome?
  • Internet Explorer?

They have all one thing in common: It is SLOW. How many Clicks on TE Sites you can do per hour? 300 on a TE with a 10 Second Timer? Forget that. I will show you a way how to get unto 15 TIMES more clicks!

Actually, its two ways. The first one is a TE optimised Special Browser, called “Trafficbrowser”.

TrafficBrowser: Click 15 Sites At Once

With Trafficbrowser you have severals Pro:

  • All TE Profiles stored on a central Website
  • Stops Autoplaying Videos and Popups automatically
  • Automatic Switching After You Did a Click
  • Clicking up to 15 Sites at once

I personally use Trafficbrowser for all of my clicks. You can find the Tool (its for Windows only) here:


And Second, there is a special Firefox Plugin, which helps you to switch the Browser Tabs automatically after doing a click. Its called “Tab Accelerator”. It’s Pro is you don’t need to switch manually. It’s Con: Well, it has no special features like Trafficbrowser, so you need to stop manually to do normal clicks. Anyway, its a sleek and smart way to do Clicks very fast.

You can find “Tab Accelerator” here:


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