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Review: Co-Op Advertising With ViralTEcoop

Review: Co-Op Advertising With VirtualTECoOp

Is a commercial Co-Op Advertising Site. I like this one very much. As you see on my banner above, i already earned some money since i joined last Sunday. Actually… I will earn about 4 USD/week. I pay 12,60 USD/month for the Special OTO Gold Membership, which i strongly advice. When you are a Gold Member and get about 2000 Hits to this Coop, you will actually MAKE PROFIT. And earn Hits from about 400 different TE Sites. Its a perfect deal!

According to your member status, you will have up to 10 slots for Websites to promote. Rotators are – as usual with commercial Co-Op-Sites – not allowed.

Highlights of VIRTAL TE CO-OP Advertising

  • Browse Solo Ads (get Credits!)
  • Special USA Credits (Only by buying, of course)
  • Up to 40% commission
  • Earning Money by reading SoloAds, Daily Logins, Incoming Traffic, Referrals (!)

To get Credit, you need to create a decent amount (about 2000/day). This also earns you 0.50 USD. For Referrals, for daily Logins you will also earn MONEY. Cash out is possible at 10,00 USD to Paypal, STP, Payza.

One of the best commercial Co-Op’s i have found yet. I strongly suggest joining and getting the OTO Gold Member. You will even earn money in that case :-)

Join here:

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