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AIOP = 100% Commisson + Nice Webservices for TE Experts

Did you ever hear about AIOP? Well, i found it a bit by random. I joined a very promising website named “10.000 Hits/day” and found it there. It’s a company in Europe/Netherland and at the first glaze they offer nothing new: Website, Rotator, LinkTracking, Autoresponder, Website. Anyway, for 10 Bucks (PRO Account) their offers seems pretty good. So i took it up.

AIOP goes Woho: 100% Commission

Here how it works. You keep every ODD referral and get commission. Commission means: 10 USD/Month when they are upgraded to PRO (which costs 10 USD/month). Every even Referral is passed to your sponsor. A Sample: You get 10 referrals. Thats 5 ODD ones for you, which earn you 50 USD Commission every month. And your Sponsor gets 50 USD / Month for the 5 EVEN ones as well! Really whooping! Breakeven after the FIRST referral. I never saw something like this before!

Check out their graphics about their commission model:

How much you can earn with that?

Well, here’s the Matrix graphic from AIOP about their referral earning rate:

Pretty good, isn’t it. Well, as i said: AIOP is new. And it’s a EU Company. So it’s not so easy to rob people’s commission like it was done on popular HYIP systems. It’s kinda safe.

Here’s a sample how their link tracker looks like:


If you are interested: Join me. I will give you a special deal when you register with my Link (click banner below). The first commission i earn from you (remember, i get only from ODD referrals), i will pay back 100% on Payza to you!

Here’s my promotional link. Make sure the Person who referred you is me (widatec):

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